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Can I Ask You A Question? E-Book

Can I Ask You A Question? E-Book

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Can I Ask You A Question? is a book of 151 questions designed to deepen your relationship with anyone. Ask family, friends, your significant other, even complete strangers. The more you reveal, the more connected you'll feel.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Erin Carr
Great for discussion prompts with students too!

This book is filled with great prompts for conversations with students too. In order to build a strong classroom culture of belonging, I will be mining this treasure trove for the next year!

Dustin Gustafson
Highly recommended for getting to know people

A treasure trove of lovingly designed questions, sure to help you get to know anyone better. The genius of the book is that it appears simple and unassuming, so there's a low awkwardness threshold for bringing it out in a variety of situations.

Warwick Absolon
Excellent list of questions

These questions are great for couples and bigger groups. Love doing them while on a car trip and over dinner.

Juan de Dios Sanchez-Roselly

Can I Ask You A Question? E-Book

Martin Nygaard

Very thoughtful questions.