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Can I Ask You A Question?

Can I Ask You A Question?

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Can I Ask You A Question? is a book of questions designed to deepen your relationship with anyone — family, friends, your significant other, even complete strangers.

- 151 questions
- Pocket-sized. Dimensions: 4x5 inches
- Includes 1 bookmark

The more you reveal, the more connected you'll feel.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Bruce Crabtree
Great Questions for deepening relationships

For such a little book, it contains great questions for learning about another person. I enjoyed reading the book and thinking about how I would answer each question. This is the type of book you keep to use again and again.
I am looking forward to using the questions in the future. I am glad I found out about the book in a Steve Levitt podcast about being his daughter.

Chris Morris
Can I Ask You A Question?

The book arrived as expected. Thank you for appearing on the PIMA podcast! Can't wait to read the book!

Melissa Munoz

The book was physically smaller than anticipated but the content of the book was just what I was looking for. Bought it as a graduation gift for my niece who may initially benefit from it during her first semester away at college.

Lisa Keller
Terrific for teachers

I ordered this book for my students. I offer this book when they are finished with work or have some downtime. Also, I will use it at family gatherings.

Sandra Caicedo
Thought provoking!!

Excellent book that will make you want to stop and stranger and strike up a conversation. Love it!